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nother Sunny Christmas Lyrics

Lyrics to Another Sunny Christmas by Golgotha

Another sunny Christmas and the grass is still green
the naked trees dishevelled, grinning stark and obscene
I lie here in the meadow, I don’t know where I’ve been
the morning mist is asking if I know what you mean

Your portents are seductive, full of wonder and charm
no matter how destructive, not a trace of alarm
I cannot see a warning or the sweat on my palm
in my pathetic fawning as it keeps me from harm

There’s something down there, something that frightens me
don’t take me down there, there’s something I cannot see
the prophet’s lying, what shall not be shall be
the colours flying, oh God it frightens me

Mother, mother of fortune, ward of creation, lady of darkness
Cast your eyes to behold me, broken and weary, crushed by your lady
No-one told you to deal against me
No-one asked you to throw my hopes away

Don’t try to stop me seeing, looking up to the sky
there’s evil in your being, here’s blood in your eye
and will you find a calling, as I wave you good-bye
to stop the snow from falling, never needing to try

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