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angerous Games Lyrics

Lyrics to Dangerous Games by Golgotha

Dangerous Games

There’s a silent howling in my ears, a song of prejudice I know so well
the strident caterwauling of my peers advising me not to buy what you sell
and is that firebrand of love still yearning to light the fires of men off which you feed
or shall I suffocate within the burning another thorn in the side of your creed?

Well I got wary to the wiles of women, the callous reasoning of what they do
verbose, perfidious and unforgiving, all of the traits that I’m seeing in you
and in the darkness of the boudoir lover, screaming ecstasy and screaming pain
and you could never, ever love another, well let me tell you I know you’re the same
you’re playing very, very dangerous games

So you offer your fealty ever and you’ll keep this affair in one piece
it’s like Judas Escariot acting the saint or a wolf badly sporting a fleece
if the urge is upon you to sever all the ties that keep you from release
the finesse of such wit should not parry or feint as your sledgehammer tact is obese

So you vested your hopes in concealing all the poison behind what you say
softly framed by your lips a gratuitous smile in a venomous, pearly array
but this breach of your past is revealing to the world what is left of your prey
be assured for the while indiscretion says I’ll fall for the right one fly away

By now my hide is tougher than your leeches, it’s playing hell with your inflated pride
your flagrant bigotry is all to pieces, I see your smile is not nearly so wide
excuse my warning but I’ve got to tell you before your gracious manner takes a dive
to make your life worth living, you’d do well to ensure your wanderlust does not revive
your El Dorado will never arrive, I’ll even quote you your chance to survive
sub-zero on staying alive

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