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olocaust in A Minor Lyrics

Lyrics to Holocaust in A Minor by Golgotha

2nd movement

Holocaust in A minor

Take in this night before the purging of the fold
the beast of Aryan lies sullen with the cold
a bourdon sounds etching its white upon the steel
of mechanised battalions shivering at the heel

The guns point skyward far beyond the edge of sight
crosshair trained upon the early Eastern light
and in the coming of the dawn a genus will be gone
smothered over by the war machine

Rats are breeding in the sewer of the state
verminous instigators of our nation’s rape
as memory yields to pride the masses will forget
the force applied to turn and face the faceless threat
eliminate the species, blow it away
take them, herd them, condemn and wash them

Prepare your propagandist litany to damn
whatever scapegoat will unite the common man
identify those who have and to us the cost
set forth your programme to recover what is lost
exterminate the species, blow it away
take them, mark them, concentrate, kill them

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