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arl Foster (continued)

Founding member, composer and band leader

Karl (left) and JonahSo what happened when Golgotha went quiet? Karl didn’t. After a spell has a newspaper reporter, he joined the launch of high-tech musicians’ magazine Future Music and edited the title for a couple of years, then devised and launched Total Guitar, still Europe’s biggest-selling guitarists’ magazine.

After a hiatus working for various internet and digital-imaging publications (notably launching and editing pro-photo mag Digital Photographer), Karl took up the reins at Digital Music Maker, until the publisher canned it. More recently, he’s been writing for the likes of AudioMedia, Computer Music and various other digital-creativity titles. Find out more at his website or his blog.

Karl currently moshes away with three networked Apple Macs, each with independent audio/MIDI interfaces, an assortment of TC Electronic co-processors and a number of input devices (inc Novation Remote SL limited edition, anyone?), plus sequencers Cubase, Logic Pro and Live, soft-studio Reason and more software synths/samplers/beat machines/samples/FX/utilities than are sane. So he hasn’t lost the techno-buzz. Speaking of which, his musical palette has been augmented somewhat by influences ranging from techno-rave-D&B-jungle (aka sweaty dance shit, which he says is 'easy') thru introspective, acoustic-based, bleeding-heart poo to... 'Bloody great big bloody themes that go pow!', bloody. Says Karl: "The more things change, the more they get different." Or was that Karr?

The next tranche of Karl Foster’s output will, at some point, be available here. But not yet.


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