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993 - Symphony in Extremis (continued)

Golgotha's second opus hits the streets

During the mixing phase, Steven popped out to the local music store and, on his return, presented Karl with a conductor’s baton, which he waved around with glee as Symph thundered from the control-room monitors. The record company liked what they heard and decided on a CD-only release, vinyl not having quite the dynamic range to do it justice.

Album art was devised by Marcus Dyson, who was working on computer magazine Amiga Format at the time, and the package was delivered to the audience. The fans lapped it up, while the press... panned it. The year of 1993 was not a great time for this kind of material. Even so, sales were good and, to this day, prog-rock enthusiasts see Symphony in Extremis as a must-have album.