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ilence is Your Saviour Lyrics

Lyrics to Silence is Your Saviour by Golgotha

4th movement (continued)

Silence is your saviour

Keep your silence, there is no freedom now
as the state takes over
All face judgement beneath witchfinder’s gaze
liberty is over

No new order, no messianic war
no utopia for now silence is your saviour

The cries and screams of your darkest dreams
promenade before you now
tell me what you know

When marshal law is the one recourse
it destroys the rights you know
tell me what you know

The struggle died when you enslaved your mind
you’re not the first, you’re not the last to know
tell me what you know

Execution makes no executive
death results in failure
human life is too high a price to pay
sanctioned murder can never be the way

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