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ymphony in Extremis Lyrics

Lyrics to Symphony in Extremis by Golgotha

1st movement

Symphony in extremis

A discord rises in the tribe and sounds with one voice
in a movement away from the powers that say
you have no choice

What do you know? What do you know
of how the heart-and-mind consensus will go
when the words of the wise are re-written as lies
and a motive toccata invades the show
on a theme of your own, resolution unknown
and the bourdon of change starts to blow?

How does it feel? How does it feel
to have the dictum of the baton repealed
in rehearsing the mime for a new beaten time
of oppressive authority brought to heel
when the harmony clash and the timpani crash
and the bourdon of change starts to blow?

Where will it end? Where will it end
with such a chorus of despair to forfend
propagating reprise of their dissonant cries
iterating the need to pursue your ends?
When the symphony’s known, you’re on your own

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