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he Counter-State Directive Lyrics

Lyrics to The Counter-State Directive by Golgotha

There’s something going wrong in the autocratic soul
cries of dissent are rife
insurrection breathes aloud from the mouths of middle ground
working man thrashed to life

The rioting begins, agitators in the crowd
a bloodless ideal corrupt
as subversion crashes on in a new and vicious trend exhorted by
the intellectual, vocal minority inciting comrades to join their perfidy

Counter-revolutionary oppresses the oppressor, then becomes dictator
mindful of the long knives brandished by counter-revolution following behind them
for all your virtue, you’ve gone the same way too
a brave new junta, that’s very fine of you

The greying rain covers many wounds of lies and dogma waged between the two
embraced within such consuming hate, the freedom of the other never won
deadly rushes the firestorm to cast aside a reason for to win
and will it take such a holocaust to realise we’ll all get fooled again?

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