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he Cunning of Reason Lyrics

Lyrics to The Cunning of Reason by Golgotha

3rd movement

The cunning of reason

So, what became of your reason?
sacrificed to the burning seized on within us
Was it hate forging chains of illusion
forcing you to the one conclusion before us?
Yet you took as advantage was offered
never thought for the proles that suffered around us
and the guilt, it’s your own machination
codified in your own creation before us

Hold this presumed liberation
it entrenches your alienation more fully
you are thrall, you are slave to convention
undermining your own pretension to glory
gone are the shackles that chain them
beaten into the golden calf of sedition
it is done, there can be no more turning
for the will of the burning brought us decision

Obnox is moving forward
the order seething inward
together marching onward
si vis pacem, para bellum

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