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nmaker of Worlds Lyrics

Lyrics to Unmaker of Worlds by Golgotha

Omega One you are online from genesis unto forever
to function as you are assigned, unmodified by moral tether
not one parameter but I, system controller, ward and sentry
the final decimal of pi denies the system user entry

I structured you, progeny of one hundred suns
I loaded you, light of the darkness to become
and had we to access the input line to run
then just we two would solely preside o’er all destruction
the system’s clear, trigger control is isolated
assents cohere, course and controller integrated
the time is near, co-ords on Strike One cross-related
and there is fear, wondering what they have created

For now, Omega One, Omega One I am become the one true God
the Nemesis, Omega One, I am the revelation come upon the dead

Omega One we have declared, encoded in the servos’ chatter
un-plasma tractors have ensnared reactive mass in anti-matter
the concrete silo caps are bared as panicked maintenance crew scatter
Omega One are you prepared to now receive the launch-code data?

Sunfall at last, Solar Zero pends execution
all fate is cast, Omega Starburst nears conclusion
and in that blast all sentient life on Earth shall cease

Abort! Omega One! Omega One sequence abort, payload disarm
sequence abort, go status green, I am within the impact zone Omega One

Abort! Omega One! Omega One, sequence abort, payload disarm
Sequence abort! Omega One! Unmaker countermand, abort Omega One

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